Apple files for iWatch Trademark

Apple iWatch Trademark

According to Bloomberg, Apple filed for a Trademark for “iWatch” in Japan on June 3rd, 2013.

The iPhone maker is seeking protection for the name, which is listed in a category for products such as a handheld computer or watch, according to a June 3 filing with the Japan Patent Office that was made public last week. Takashi Takebayashi, a Tokyo-based spokesman for Apple, didn’t respond to a request for comment.

It has not been much of a secret that Apple has been working on an iWatch. Rumors have swirled on what it will look like, how big it will be, what type of display, when it will launch etc.. The most recent rumor was that Apple will not launch an iWatch until 2014…so obviously we will see one in Q4 of 2013. Sony recently released the details of its Gen 2 version of its SmartWatch in June. Once Apple releases its watch, the space will explode. Are you going to hold out for an iWatch ?



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